Twin Dragons: Flash Fiction

A dragon keeper named Suya had twin dragons. Same in color, same in size and same in everything. Except for one thing. One he called Dagger and other Flamish. Dagger was shy and Flamish was clever. Suya used to feed them same quantity but the clever dragon would snatch the meat from his brother andContinue reading “Twin Dragons: Flash Fiction”

Service of the Prince: Flash Fiction

Veena was happy as she was chosen for the service of the Prince. Every time he had a victory in a war, the reagent mother would select a volunteer amongst the crowd. It might be a girl, a boy, an old man or woman. Today it was her.Veena was so much fascinated with the princeContinue reading “Service of the Prince: Flash Fiction”

When He Turned Halloween Into Valentine’s

I can still recall him sometimes, When he turned Halloween into Valentine’s, Tricking and treating my heart…it was beating He, lurkin in shadows yet pausing for me, Just starin and sayin, “I’was looking for thee”… …”You are…are an angel, my pleasure to see. Just kiss me and love me so I can be free IContinue reading “When He Turned Halloween Into Valentine’s”

The Unity of Time and Place

When you embrace me in a tight hug With your pulsating bosom, I feel Bewildered, confused; Like I have two hearts; Mine’s in you Yours in me. Again when I am holding you, I am holding on My own, Grab me while am panting While am gasping for you. If you’re sweating and Getting aContinue reading “The Unity of Time and Place”

Being The Lioness.

In Africa, there’s a Pride of Lions. In the pride there she is, the Lioness; The fierce Queen of the jungle. She does a lot more than the Lion. She hunts for him and takes care of the cubs. The Lion does near to nothing as he eats, sleep, marks his territory and repeats. TheContinue reading “Being The Lioness.”