Service of the Prince: Flash Fiction

Service of the Prince

Veena was happy as she was chosen for the service of the Prince. Every time he had a victory in a war, the reagent mother would select a volunteer amongst the crowd. It might be a girl, a boy, an old man or woman. Today it was her.
Veena was so much fascinated with the prince and his war stories. Many of the townsfolk had witnessed his tremendous strength and agility. Once he had pushed back an elephant with his bare hands. Veena would always wonder how he manages to do that. What is the secret of his strength?
She was preparing hot water for his bath, when he arrived. He paused at her sight. She was a delightful watch. He smiled and asked, “Is the water ready?”
“Yes, Sire. But a little hot,” She replied.
“Then it’s perfect for a sore body after the war.” He said and removed his clothes. Then he entered into the tub. Veena was amazed at his ease. However, she didn’t let him see.
“What’s your name?” The prince asked.
“It’s Veena, your grace.” She replied eyes lowered.
“Veena. Beautiful name. My name is Vijay.”
“I know that,” Veena uttered looking in his eyes but then shy away from his glance.
“Then why don’t you call me by my name?”
“How can I?”
“You can because I want you to,” he sounded determined. “Look at me!” She responded.
“Come in the tub, it’s not hotter anymore.”
Veena was dumbstruck. Who would have declined such a privilege? Despite that, she couldn’t dare such a thing. But then Vijay grabbed her hand and she could do nothing but follow his demand.
The water was cold as well as his hand. She always wanted it like that. She always wondered how, a human, can be so strong and energetic. Vijay was brave, tough and youthful. Once he had fought a battle for 3 days. His enemies had surrendered as he singlehandedly destroyed their troops. After the victory, her neighbour Ratna was selected for the service. But just before this war she died due to a prolonged disease.
Veena wanted to see her but common folk couldn’t meet the chosen people of the castle. So, she never got to meet her after her appointment. However, Veena was an orphan. So, nobody would miss her…and she can stay in the company of the prince untroubled.
Veena, suddenly, realised that Vijay was staring at her all the time. She shying away lowered her eyes which landed on his muscular abdomen. Just then, Vijay pulled her close by hands. She slipped and fell on him. A questioning look passed her eyes.
Vijay looked into both her eyes one by one, rubbed his thumb on her lips and took her face in his grasp.
“I can’t wait for another war,” he said and sucked her lips.
First few seconds, she enjoyed it. Lying on her belly, on top of the prince of the kingdom and kissing. But then suddenly, it felt like she can’t breathe. Her limbs were getting numb and her head light. She thought that she’s going to faint. Yet Vijay still didn’t separate from her. He was still kissing her. She whimpering tried to scream; moved her hands but in vain. She felt her life force moving out of her body.
After a moment, she faded into death. Her body looked just skin and bones. Then, Vijay dropped the carcass. He breathed and roared aloud. He had his strength restored.

Published by Yatharth Singh Chauhan

Self-published Fantasy/Scifi and Historical fiction Author

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