Twin Dragons: Flash Fiction

A dragon keeper named Suya had twin dragons. Same in color, same in size and same in everything. Except for one thing. One he called Dagger and other Flamish. Dagger was shy and Flamish was clever. Suya used to feed them same quantity but the clever dragon would snatch the meat from his brother and eat it. He was getting stronger and stronger whereas Dagger was getting weaker. He didn’t want to fight with his own brother.

One day, the keeper noticed that one of the twin dragons is small and weak. He thought the exact possibility. He thought that the dragon is either sick or shy. That’s why he doesn’t eat well and the keeper must do something about it.

The kings of the kingdom used to ride dragons in the war. They would appoint a dragon keeper who will feed and train the dragons for the kings. Suya had been made after the untimely death of his father. He was new in the business. He was confused as what to do. And Flamish was using this to his advantage.

The keeper started giving Dagger, a diet rich in nutrients but Flamish again would snatch the food. The dragons lived in a dark pit. They would only come out at the time of feeding or at the time of training. Flamish wanted all food for himself so that he can be the royal dragon-the dragon of the king.

Time passed and one day the keeper found out the truth that one dragon is eating all the food. He decided to treat it. He thought that if he feeds the shy dragon separately then it would balance the nutritional deficiencies. But the problem was how to identify the shy dragon. He decided to observe their behavior. He noticed that one dragon is approaches slowly. He nervously takes the food, first by smelling it.

The keeper now on doubled the food of Dagger. But sooner, the brother had this on notice. So, he made a plan. There was a trend in the dragon’s keep that the useless dragon was to be cooked for the dragon stew. Dagger might be his brother but he didn’t want to die either. So, he worked on his plan.

Flamish started to behave like his brother. He would approach slowly and he’d smell the food looking cautious, every time. Like that, he started to eat all the food again and the second one deprived of the nutrition.

After a long time, Surya saw that one dragon is heavy and muscular but the other one was slender and silent. He was disappointed. “The king needs to know,” he said to himself and went to the king.

The next day, the keeper brought the catchers with him in the keep. Flamish was ready to see his brother off. But there was a surprise waiting for him. The king wanted his dragon to be fast yet silent to devastate his enemy troops. So, they prepared Dagger to be the royal dragon and chained up Flamish and took him to make his stew.

Published by Yatharth Singh Chauhan

Self-published Fantasy/Scifi and Historical fiction Author

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