Rational Aggression: Bare Your Teeth

Do you feel your inner beast pouncing and scratching, waiting to be unleashed? Now wait no more. Call upon your inner predator and tell it to Bare Its Teeth!

This is a collection of my 121 motivational quotes on life, grit and ambition. There are some old but original and many new quotes to motivate you to work on your goals. These quotes will make you think, believe and act on yourself. And as they say that Believers are Achievers.

Unleash your hidden potential. You can do this if you believe. It is that you already do inhabit the fuel you need. This book here is just to give it a spark.

Rational Aggression Cover

Quotations are not some fancy words placed in a beautiful order. They are formed of something much greater. They are born out of the experience. Life happens to us all but it does differently. And how differently we react to it decides our own experiences. It’s your attitude towards lifethat gets reflected in your words.

In this book, I have compiled my 121 such quotes to give you hope, to give you drive, to make you relit your fire and to make you meet life head-on. These are not just big words. The book contains some average words with an above-average effect.

We’re here on this planet for a reason. It is to earn hard and live fully. However, no pep talk can change what you can. It might make you feel driven but a blind rage can get you nowhere. What you need are a focused mind and directed raid; what I call a Rational Aggression. And believe me, we’re in this together. So, let’s begin…

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