The Pitambar

The book is, what I would call it, a Mytho-Historical fiction. This is an ebook, published on Kindle. The book’s length is short as it is a Novelette. What you may like in the book is its journey through the worlds of humans and Deities. More importantly, the book tells the story of Lord Krishna and his Krishna-Niti. How the Lord himself deals with difficult times and how he teaches us the same.

The Pitambar by Yatharth Singh Chauhan

Book Description

After the death of the mighty King Kans, the rule of Mathura had returned to the great Maharaja Ugrasena. But King Jarasandh, furious at the murder of his son-in-law by Krishna, has attacked Mathura 18 times. However, he was defeated by Krishna and Balraam every time. And now he has come to his last but most atrocious resort. He has called a foreigner king to attack on Mathura. This king carries a reputation of being invincible.

Who is this invincible warrior? How will Krishna tackle such an adversary? Is there any way to defeat the undefeated?

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