When He Turned Halloween Into Valentine’s

I can still recall him sometimes,
When he turned Halloween into Valentine’s,
Tricking and treating
my heart…it was beating

He, lurkin in shadows yet pausing for me,
Just starin and sayin, “I’was looking for thee”…
…”You are…are an angel, my pleasure to see.
Just kiss me and love me so I can be free
I am cursed and it hurts and like blade in the knee,
So help me in being normal just as are thee”

I was tricked by the trickster and fell in the trap,
I soon lost my consciousness deep in a nap,
He used me, consumed me thus ruined me without a pity,
I lost all my faith with my virginity.

Published by Yatharth Singh Chauhan

Self-published Fantasy/Scifi and Historical fiction Author

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