The Monster: Flash Fiction

“You murdered your brother?” The voice of the monster echoed from inside the statue.

Bheem turned to it, his clothes ripped and his face bloody. He looked again at the dead body and pulled his hair.

If only he hadn’t listen to his friend. The friend, who had come to him and asked about the creature in Bheem’s dreams. Bheem trusted his best friend. However, the later was merely a tool of the creature.

Bheem was a sculptor. So, he sculpted a statue of the monster’s likings to show the friend. That was a mistake he made. It enabled a form to the monster who was just a conscience yet.

The friend, in fact, had confessed later on that he did what he had to, to save his own neck. The same monster had first appeared in his dream to ask him for a body…Bheem’s body. The monster had threatened him that if he doesn’t help him then the monster will do with his body, instead.

“Why are you still torturing me? You wanted a strong, handsome and young body like me. Here…it…it will do. Here’s the solution for your problem. Take this body,” Bheem cried.

“No…No. It won’t do. This is not the solution,” the voice echoed again.

“But why? You said that if you get a body like mine, you’ll never torture me. You’ll leave me. You’ve also said that you can’t take someone’s body of a living human and you can’t kill them either. So…so I did it for you. I killed my twin brother. My own flesh and blood. He was just like me. The only one like me. Have his body and leave me, please.”

“Don’t beg. I’ve told you many times that it’s your body I need because it was you who broke the spell. And it was you who murdered his own brother just to save himself. You’re befitting me.” The voice laughed.

“I don’t believe you anymore. I won’t be giving my body to you, no matter how cunning you prove to be.”

He didn’t believe the monster and why would he. On an earlier occasion, this monster had tricked him into making the statue and that provided him existence. After that he tricked him by mind controlling a priest to make him believe in the evil. He also had encouraged him to suicide. So, Bheem wanted to do it his way and impulsively he killed his twin brother, just to get the monster out of his head. But now he found out that this was again a trick, nothing else.

“You have no other choice,” the voice spoke authoritatively this time.

“What? You’re going to kill me?” Bheem laughed.

“No. But they will,” the voice replied with a chuckle.

Bheem looked around and saw soldiers coming. Somebody would have told the king. There was a law in the Kingdom to poison the person guilty of murder. Bheem had thought that when the monster would inhabit his brother’s body then his brother would become alive. And he’d escape the charges of murder.

But the monster had tricked him once again. The soldiers arrested him and imprisoned him. And after further trial he was poisoned. The monster had what he wanted one way or the other.

Published by Yatharth Singh Chauhan

Self-published Fantasy/Scifi and Historical fiction Author

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