Hey, there! My name is Yatharth Singh Chauhan and I am a Fantasy/Scifi and Historical fiction author.

Yatharth Singh Chauhan

I try to put my love of fighting and philosophical study of human nature into my fiction. I’ve always loved fantasy movies and stories. However, I am kind of inclined on the darker side of it now. I try to create darker themes that would reverberate with people.

A Dark Fantasy Creature

Besides this I am also a poet and a songwriter. I started my writing career as a poet on Instagram. But I had never turn away from fiction. I write microfiction, flash fiction, short stories, novellas and novels(haven’t published yet). And I write poetry on the themes of love, life and motivation.

A Time Machine

I have background in Life Sciences which explains my love for the Scifi genre. I also have Masters Degree in English Literature. I write in both Hindi and English.

When I graduated I wondered about different things. I tried little music and dance. But my heart resided in writing. I began with poetry and songwriting. However, I was always attracted towards fiction.

I’ve always loved stories and storytelling. I had written some short stories, when I was a kid but that was all. Although my love of stories remained there. So to improve, I started once again with short stories.

Rajput Soldiers Chatting Midst of a War

History was one of my favorite subject. Maybe this is the reason that my first short stories and first two books are historical fiction.

Yes, I have self published three books on kindle: The Pitambar (English with Hindi version available), Devayani (Hindi) and Dastak: Hindi/Urdu Shayari Collection (Hindi/Urdu). These can be viewed from the “Books” menu.

Now, personally, I am single, I love reading both fiction and non fiction (about history and wildlife). I may have various interests but I love music, especially Bollywood and Folk. I would prefer a silent historical place over a loud party (Though you can’t turn down get togethers, either) and have a taste for fine delicacies. I also enjoy MMA fights, whenever I watch.

I am currently working on my new fiction story. Keep in touch to stay up to date.

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Short Bio

Yatharth Singh Chauhan is a self published Fantasy/Scifi and Historical fiction author. He writes both in Hindi and English. He also has a background in Life Sciences. His interests in History, Fine Arts and Fight Arts can be felt in his writings. Yatharth loves writing because it helps him in learning as well as sharing what he has learnt. Living in Haryana, India Yatharth enjoys bollywood and folk music, comedy movies and dancing. He loves natural and historical places and has a taste for fine delicacies.

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