Beauty is Art is Beauty

It happened for the first time in my life. It was strange that this girl, I saw in a party, so much mesmerized me, I even dreamt about her. Was it infatuation or was it the artistic mindset which dragged my senses to her simple yet charming personality? I don’t know. For more than twice, our eyes met but every time my lips separated to call her… they joined again as I couldn’t trespass her beauty. Whenever she’d turn towards me, I’d be stunned like a statue. It felt like there was no one else there, except for both of us. It felt like time has slowed down for me to drink her beauty. I can still recollect her every movement like it was performed for me. I am lagging in writing right now because I am imagining her right now.

When you like someone that much, everything they do feels lovely. Although, first I was in her as a lover, as I’d die for her single smile but after sometime I composed myself. It was because I found out she had someone with her, for her, already.

My dreams didn’t get crushed. I sighed once, looked down and thought. What were my intentions for her? I don’t know. Maybe I would’ve fumbled for words if she had approached me or had interpreted my gesture. Maybe she would’ve composed herself while talking to me and I had to miss those candid moments. So, in one way I still had the advantage.

She may belong to someone else. Let her perfectness be for another man but nobody can take away memories of those candid poses from me. After processing all those thoughts, I closed my lover’s heart and opened my artistic mind. Let her keep herself for someone else but her beauty is for me. As all art is beauty and all beauty is art. And an artistic mind is open to every beauty in the world. Let me retake it from where I had left.

Published by Yatharth Singh Chauhan

Self-published Fantasy/Scifi and Historical fiction Author

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