The Lullaby

He felt bad to keep it a secret from his girlfriend. It was not that he didn’t love her instead it was the other way around. He loved her so much that he needed her not to be involved in this. Seven days earlier, the things weren’t the same. He had bought a present forContinue reading “The Lullaby”

The Extermination

“How was your trip?” Vimal extended his hand and Akash shook it.Akash offered him a seat and said, “It was good. As usual, I’d say. But on one occasion I was kind of regretting my decision to be an Astronaut.”“What was that?” Vimal asked enthusiastically.“I’ll tell you all the details but first let me getContinue reading “The Extermination”

My Dark Story

My story is about being weak,It’s about coming out strong,It’s about making things right,Where the men have gone wrong,To do what should’ve been done,I’ll pick up a sword in a gunfight,What a pity on your petty demonsThey got served in the dead of night,They’d come at me snarling with purposeYet they were scared that IContinue reading “My Dark Story”

The Embrace: Flash Fiction

As she entered in the hall, the courtiers paused their chatter just to restart with a whole new topic –she. The king wanted to see more of her. Those glimpses could not satisfy him. Moreover, they teased him even further. He tried to maintain his composure as she moved to the center and bowed. Impatient,Continue reading “The Embrace: Flash Fiction”

Realism: Flash Fiction

Nobody would believe him but that wouldn’t stop him from proceeding with his plans. It was day 5th and it had been fruitful since. The day he had met her was the day his life changed. People talk about dreams coming true but they don’t speak in a literal manner. He continued with his painting.Continue reading “Realism: Flash Fiction”

कालनेमि: भाग 2

महाबली हनुमान ने जल में अपनी छवि देखी. उनके विशाल व सुन्दर नेत्र साफ़ दिख रहे थे. जल स्पष्ट था. हनुमान ने अपनी गदा, मुकुट एवं अन्य आभूषण उतार कर किनारे पर रख दिए और जल में प्रवेश कर गए. वह घुटनों तक जल में खड़े थे. आस-पास कोई नहीं था. सारा वातावरण शांत था.Continue reading “कालनेमि: भाग 2”

कालनेमि: भाग 1

यूँ रात्रि गए, लंकापति रावण को अपने आवास पर देखकर कालनेमि पहले ही चौंका हुआ था. उसपर उनके अकस्मात् उसे युद्ध में उतरने को कहने पर वह और भी असहज हो गया. उसने लंकेश को बैठाकर उन्हें सारी बात अच्छी प्रकार समझाने को कहा. लंकेश बहुत उद्विग्न थे. उनके दश-मुखों पर रह-रहकर चिंता साफ़ दिखाईContinue reading “कालनेमि: भाग 1”

The Monster: Flash Fiction

“You murdered your brother?” The voice of the monster echoed from inside the statue. Bheem turned to it, his clothes ripped and his face bloody. He looked again at the dead body and pulled his hair. If only he hadn’t listen to his friend. The friend, who had come to him and asked about theContinue reading “The Monster: Flash Fiction”

Take Me In Your Arms

Take me in your arms, I want the magic spell. Take me in your arms, I want to go to hell. Take me in your arms, Let curtains fall apart. Take me in your arms, the show’s about to start. Take me in your arms, and take me from the lips. Take me in yourContinue reading “Take Me In Your Arms”

Beauty is Art is Beauty

It happened for the first time in my life. It was strange that this girl, I saw in a party, so much mesmerized me, I even dreamt about her. Was it infatuation or was it the artistic mindset which dragged my senses to her simple yet charming personality? I don’t know. For more than twice,Continue reading “Beauty is Art is Beauty”