My Dark Story

My story is about being weak,It’s about coming out strong,It’s about making things right,Where the men have gone wrong,To do what should’ve been done,I’ll pick up a sword in a gunfight,What a pity on your petty demonsThey got served in the dead of night,They’d come at me snarling with purposeYet they were scared that IContinue reading “My Dark Story”

When He Turned Halloween Into Valentine’s

I can still recall him sometimes, When he turned Halloween into Valentine’s, Tricking and treating my heart…it was beating He, lurkin in shadows yet pausing for me, Just starin and sayin, “I’was looking for thee”… …”You are…are an angel, my pleasure to see. Just kiss me and love me so I can be free IContinue reading “When He Turned Halloween Into Valentine’s”