Being The Lioness.

In Africa, there’s a Pride of Lions. In the pride there she is, the Lioness; The fierce Queen of the jungle. She does a lot more than the Lion. She hunts for him and takes care of the cubs. The Lion does near to nothing as he eats, sleep, marks his territory and repeats.

The Lioness has got to do all the hunting stuff. But that doesn’t make the Lioness inferior. That doesn’t either make her feel smaller. She’s not a Feminist, She’s the Lioness.

She doesn’t try to prove that she can replace the Lion rather she proves that nobody can replace her.

The Lioness is not about being something else and getting rid of her duties. But rather she’s about leading the pride, hunting the larger Wildebeests and throwing it to the Lion and say,”come on big boy time to eat”. Then kissing the babies and licking the wounds from hunting. That’s Her; That’s Life. Life is not about Complaining but Performing. Not about who’s Better but who Performs better. It’s not about your own Pride. It’s about being the Lioness and leading the Pride.

Published by Yatharth Singh Chauhan

Self-published Fantasy/Scifi and Historical fiction Author

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