The Embrace: Flash Fiction

As she entered in the hall, the courtiers paused their chatter just to restart with a whole new topic –she. The king wanted to see more of her. Those glimpses could not satisfy him. Moreover, they teased him even further. He tried to maintain his composure as she moved to the center and bowed. Impatient, as he was, he tried to see through her veil, her ghoonghat.

Failed in doing so, the king sat comfortably and the dancer took her position. She danced with a grace never seen before. She moved like a serpent. Her fluid movements set the courtiers in motion with upsetting the king at the same time. It was not what he saw but what he couldn’t see.

The dancer lifted her ghoonghat in the end. Her big blue eyes and cherry lips were drizzling in the light of the chandelier. Her hair glistened as she flipped back her odhni. Two golden snakes ornamented her upper arms and a small snake-shaped chain entangled her narrow waist. Her eyes were quick yet poised. She kept her lips moist by moving her tongue. She might have been thirsty from all that effort.

This was the thought of the king and he offered her his goblet. She declined the offer elegantly. The king, however, was not furious because he finally got to touch her. Her skin was smooth and warm. It must be all that sweat, he thought. But how come she is sweating this much. She didn’t dance that long.

Whatever, she was something…something he could never let go. So, he ordered their whole band to stay at the palace. They had prior arrangements in the nearby village but the dancing girl was happy to stay there. She was treated like royalty and she received it the same way. She had a purpose all along. She knew that the king’s wife had been dead and she didn’t even leave him an heir. It was only a matter of time when the neighbouring king attacks and conquers his kingdom.

Thus, the king was in dire need of an heir and a queen who can give him one. The dancer –Mohini, she could wait but it looked like the king went restless after seeing her. He didn’t even call her to his room. He, himself, reached to her and sat on the bed. Mohini got up and bowed with folded hands. The king said, “Mohini! Since when I saw you, I can’t set my mind on something else.” And he grabbed her from shoulders.

Mohini smiled and went closer. She whispered in his ear, “Not here, Maharaj Devdatt. The servants are watching. Here, I cannot be myself. Wait for midnight. Then, in your royal chambers.” She smiled again. The king left.

The sun was about to show his light. Mohini woke up. She was lying in the embrace of the king. She looked at him and chuckled. He behaved like a teenager, last night. Nobody before him had cried like that. Mohini carefully turned him over and got out of the bed. Half of the work was done. And now she had to escape, the most difficult part of the life of a Vishkanya.

A Vishkanya Kissing A Snake

Published by Yatharth Singh Chauhan

Self-published Fantasy/Scifi and Historical fiction Author

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